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As the Morgantown area continues to grow, the need to protect our drinking water sources is more important than ever. 


The Watershed Protection Program is a new, voluntary initiative designed to protect Mon County’s water quality by preserving land around MUB’s drinking water sources: the Monongahela River and Cobun Creek.

One of the best ways to protect drinking water is to prevent pollution at our water’s source, and the Watershed Protection Program is designed to do just that.

You can support our efforts to support our raw water resources by making a contribution.

Here's how it works:


The Watershed Protection Program is being piloted in the Cobun Creek watershed, which spans between Kingwood Pike and Grafton Road.

Cobun Creek is home to MUB’s new reservoir, and it’s largely undeveloped. As a result, conserving land around Cobun Creek now can protect water quality in the reservoir for years to come.

Read more about this pilot effort here.


The Watershed Protection Program is the first of its kind in West Virginia. Based on a model used for decades in many other states, this program opens the door for using land conservation and community partnerships to protect drinking water.


Learn where your drinking water comes from and how to protect it.


Do you own land near Cobun Creek or the Mon River? Learn how participating in this new program can benefit you and your property. 


Help protect Mon County’s drinking water by donating to the Watershed Protection Fund today. Discover your options for giving here.


The Watershed Protection Program was developed in partnership with Downstream Strategies and the West Virginia Land Trust. Funding was provided by the Healthy Watersheds Consortium, which includes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, and Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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