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As a voluntary program, the Watershed Protection Program is a community collaboration in which landowners and residents of Mon County can play a role in protecting our drinking water.


You can contribute toward the protection of Mon County’s drinking water today by donating to the Watershed Protection Program.


All proceeds go to the Watershed Protection Fund, which will fund the Watershed Protection Program’s land conservation and protection efforts.

Here are three easy ways you can give today:

Donate through your water bill.

MUB customers can donate directly through their water bills—either by rounding up your bill to the nearest dollar, or by adding an additional monthly donation to your bill.

Donate directly to the Watershed Protection Fund.

Make a secure online contribution.

100 percent of your contribution will go directly to protecting our raw water resources now and for generations to come!

Enroll in MUB's Service Line Warranty Program.

10% of all proceeds from service line warranties benefit the Watershed Protection Program. Sign up today to protect your home and support drinking water protection at the same time.

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