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Sign up for MUB's Service Line Warranty program!

All MUB users have the option to sign up for the Service Line Warranty Program. All proceeds generated by this program will support the Watershed Protection Program's conservation and land protection activities to ensure the highest-quality drinking water for Mon County.


It is inevitable that things break, including water and sewer lines. In the event that a water or sewer line buried on a customer’s property breaks, repairs are not typically covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Arranging repairs can be inconvenient and cost thousands of dollars to the property owner.


MUB’s Service Line Warranty Program provides customers with an opportunity to insure their service lines for a low monthly fee. The insurance policy will cover the repairs and associated costs for service lines that break due to normal wear and tear. Under this program, claims will be easy to file and all work will be performed by licensed, local plumbers. 


All proceeds received by MUB from the Service Line Warranty Program will support the Watershed Protection Program. Click here to subscribe to the Service Line Warranty Program.

What is the Service Line Warranty program?

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